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Natrona County Public Library Success Story

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Unique call agents: calm under pressure   If you have answered calls at a library, odds are that while a vast majority are positive experiences, there are some outliers. When an upset patron calls, it can be a little challenging, but the good news is that Unique is trained for prepared for all call scenarios. … Continue reading “Natrona County Public Library Success Story”

Material Recovery Post COVID Best Practices

New Normal for Material Recovery Post COVID? “New Normal” is our phrase of the day when thinking about material recovery post COVID. We’re sorting it out as we go, almost one day at a time. Nothing will be exactly as it was. Nor is it expected to be. Right? And how libraries “reshape” their service … Continue reading “Material Recovery Post COVID Best Practices”

Centralized Customer Service @ MidPointe Library

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Unique Helps Solve Customer Service Challenges With five branches, and an annual circulation of 2.3 million items, the administration at MidPointe Library System in central Ohio needed to find a solution to deliver excellent service across the system.  Doing this while adhering to a tight budget compelled them to consider new efficient modes of operation.  … Continue reading “Centralized Customer Service @ MidPointe Library”

Something Special for Online Patrons

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You know those special patrons everyone knows by name? The regulars who come to the library for materials and resources, yes, but also for the human interaction? Every library has them. The desire to feel valued and attended to isn’t limited to your library’s “regulars.” ALL patrons – all people – are like that in … Continue reading “Something Special for Online Patrons”

How inbound call centers help libraries connect

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If your library has an inbound call center, or you’re thinking of starting one, efficiency is a major factor you need to consider. In our experience, it’s virtually impossible for libraries to operate an in-house call center efficiently because of the relatively small number of calls any one library jurisdiction receives. The inefficiency of flying … Continue reading “How inbound call centers help libraries connect”