How inbound call centers help libraries connect

How inbound call centers help libraries connect

If your library has an inbound call center, or you’re thinking of starting one, efficiency is a major factor you need to consider.

In our experience, it’s virtually impossible for libraries to operate an in-house call center efficiently because of the relatively small number of calls any one library jurisdiction receives. The inefficiency of flying solo often results in a lot of waste in terms of staff time, management, IT resources, square footage, and more.

As the chart below illustrates, your call center representatives will be idle more than half of the time unless you receive 500+ calls per day.*

Agent Occupancy Chart: * This chart is based on an average speed of answer of 10 seconds and an average call duration of 3 minutes, requiring from 3-5 agents on the phones at all times.

It’s tempting to make trade-offs to use all that idle time (give your reps other work to do between calls) or minimize it (reduce staffing levels and settle for longer wait times).

The Unique Library Contact Center provides a better option. Because the incoming phone traffic of many libraries is concentrated at Unique, we are able to operate at optimal efficiency, so that the call center function is less costly for participating libraries.

Libraries are better together. The Unique Library Contact Center applies that principle to virtual communication and service.

Best of all, the efficiency of partnering with Unique entails no loss of quality. In fact, our goal is to bring quantitative and qualitative improvements to the library’s virtual interactions through careful management, quality control, and total transparency.