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You handle the patrons, we'll handle the calls

The phone is a vital connection between patrons and their library, but it can be a burden for library staff. With the phone ringing in the library, staff are pulled away from the most pressing needs: patrons in the library and tasks around the branch.

Reduce your library's call volume by 80%

The majority of calls that we handle are simple circulation questions and other routine inquiries, most of which are resolved without intervention from the library. Think about the impact on your day-to-day operations if your staff could be freed from 80% of incoming library patron phone calls.

Streamline your staffing

With Unique handling your phone calls, you can right-size your staffing schedule. With us handling your calls, you don’t have to schedule as many librarians to answer phones, or can focus on more important tasks at hand.

Maintain customer service quality

Our library communication specialists only work with libraries, which means we are focused on patron interactions all the time. We hold ourselves to a high standard, which means that we represent your library as well as you do.

Some Examples of Calls We Handle:

  • Patron account information
  • E-media support
  • Library service information
  • Switchboard
  • Location information
  • Item renewals
  • Library card eligibility
  • Hold requests
  • Ready-reference
  • Event information / sign-ups
  • Payment processing
  • Meeting room information/reservations

We offer 3 levels of Unique Phone service


If your local staff can’t answer the phone in 2 /3 rings, or if there is a busy signal, the call is auto-forwarded to Unique.  Our staff is able to help the patron directly, allowing your staff to continue with tasks within the library.


Unique answers the phone as your library and helps patrons – everything from renewing items to paying fines, etc. Calls that are more appropriate for library staff,  get seamlessly passed back to the correct extension at the library.


With the Unique Switchboard, our call service can intelligently understand the patron needs, and route the call accordingly. Calls get to the right place faster – improving service for the patron, and saving your staff time.

Partner with Unique

Unique can reduce workloads for managers and frontline staff, which in turn increases in-house efficiency. Think about the impact on your day-to-day operations if your staff is freed from 80% of incoming patron phone calls.

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