Anythink is always looking for opportunities to provide a sense of hospitality as well as sustainable staffing models. Unique helps us with both. By utilizing their call center, we save hundreds of hours of staff time each week. This gives staff more time to create terrific on site interactions with our community.

Pam Sandlian Smith, Director

Anythink Libraries

I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the e-media assistance Unique provides over live chat. It’s reassuring to know that patrons who visit us online can receive immediate, skilled help right there on our website without needing to call or come to the library.

Elizabeth Chase

Frisco Public Library

Unique has been invaluable for our room reservation service, helping answer hundreds of customer questions weekly, assisting with online reservations, payment questions, and changes. This support has allowed administrative and branch staff to help in-branch customers, saving significant time on this important work. It helps us focus on what we do best.

Robin Jacobsen, Director of Community Engagement

Prince George’s County Memorial Library System

Our partnership with UIC has enabled our staff to focus on the customers at the desk without having to constantly stop and answer the phone. This has greatly benefitted both the customers at the desk and the call in customers since they all receive top notch service…

Sarah Later, Director

Anderson Public Library

There are patrons who prefer to call, patrons who prefer to chat online, and patrons who prefer to interact in person. Partnering with Unique has allowed us to extend the quality and quantity of service that we provide to each of these distinct populations.

Elizabeth Chase

Frisco Public Library

UIC enables us to be more responsive to the needs of our patrons while also making life simpler for our staff. We’ve extended our reach at a price that fits in our budget. The implementation process on our end required minimal effort.

Michael Gannon, Associate Director

Prince George’s County Memorial Library System

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