New Mover Service

New Mover Service

New Mover Service

Welcome new residents to your library

Reach new residents with a postcard about your library

Reaching new patrons moving into your library’s service area be a challenge. These are potential new patrons that may not know all the great things your library offers. Unique’s New Mover Mailer service provides an simple solution to this complicated problem by identifying these new residents and mailing them a postcard within weeks of moving into the service area.

New Mover Case Study: Westerville Public Library

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Design your own postcard with help from Unique

As part of the New Mover Service, Unique will work with your library to design a customized postcard with whatever you want to highlight about your library. Once you come up with a design, Unique takes it from there and automatically sends out your postcards every month.

Unique Automatically Sends Postcards to New Residents

Using the National Change of Address Database, Unique sends postcards to new residents in your service area. Whether by zip code or geo-coded shapefiles, Unique can precisely match your service area and send quarterly postcards on behalf of your library to the service area that you designate.

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Want to see what our New Mover Service can bring to your library?

Are there underserved parts of your service area you’d like to reach out to? How are you informing new community members of their library resources? This custom service is another example of Unique furthering the strategic initiatives of our partner libraries. Contact us today to chat about how Unique can help with your new patron engagement.

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