Our Team

Meet the Team

Meet our leadership and client services team. We strive to recognize the needs of your library, your clients, and work tirelessly to create the best outcomes.

Rob Klaus

Rob Klaus, President Patron Services

Nicole Atkins

Nicole Atkins, President Material Recovery

Andy Harp

Andy Harp, Director of Customer Service

Ron Kinzel

Ron Kinzel, Operations Manager

Melissa Fenton

Melissa Fenton, Director of Library Communication Services

Tony Soto

Tony Soto, Technical Services

Teri Lynn Bullock

Teri Lynn Bullock, Customer Service

Jeremy Dubish

Jeremy Dubish, Technical Services

William Berger

William Berger, Director of IT

Mike Lawrence

Mike Lawrence, Manager Technical Services

Tori Roberts, Library Services Call Center Manager

Kelsey Heffley

Kelsy Heffley, Customer Service

Our Partners

At Unique the goal is to help libraries better serve their patrons. Our goal is to continue to build long-lasting relationships with our partners. In turn, our partners can then form a partnership with their patrons.