HTML Email and Libraries – What You Need to Know

Did you know that email comes in two main formats – plain text and HTML? You may not be aware as almost any email in your inbox from an online retailer, social media website, or service is the HTML (or Hyper Text Markup Language) version as it is the standard for branding and professional communications. … Continue reading “HTML Email and Libraries – What You Need to Know”

Unique Announces New Awards Program Winners

Unique Management Services creates new awards program for high-impact libraries Libraries honored for providing vital services and keeping patrons in good standing JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (Sept. 15, 2021) – A new awards program is honoring libraries for their exceptional community impacts. Unique Management Services, based in Jeffersonville, Ind., created three awards to celebrate high-impact libraries for … Continue reading “Unique Announces New Awards Program Winners”

Dearborn Public Library Chooses MessageBee

Dearborn Public Library Goes Live on Unique’s MessageBee Platform Horizon Libraries now have Access to MessageBee’s Circulation Notices  Unique is proud to announce that Dearborn Public Library has implemented MessageBee to enhance its circulation communications. In the first major change since email notifications launched, patrons now receive branded notifications that support the library’s overall marketing efforts. Dedicated space in each notice provides the opportunity for patrons … Continue reading “Dearborn Public Library Chooses MessageBee”

Real Life Notifications from MessageBee

Most library notifications don’t leave a lasting impression on the patron. The notifications are functional but not reflective of the branding effort put into your virtual and in-person experiences.   MessageBee provides all notification channels for all major ILS platforms that can leave a positive impression by meeting and exceeding patron communication expectations. Brand recognition increases and leaves the patron more … Continue reading “Real Life Notifications from MessageBee”

Measuring MessageBee Email Engagement

Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection’s Impact on MessageBee Metrics  Apple recently announced ongoing privacy changes, including limiting how email senders can track opens for their emails. While libraries understand the importance of patron privacy, this impact will affect reporting that MessageBee can provide.   What does this mean for your MessageBee reporting? Apple Mail users that opt into the privacy protections will show all emails … Continue reading “Measuring MessageBee Email Engagement”

Unifying the Patron Text Message Experience

Unique is the only service provider that supports a multi-tiered approach to the patron text messaging experience. Now patrons that choose text notifications can communicate with the library, including their notifications, from a unified phone number and platform.   Unifying the Patron Text Message Experience Text Messages are an essential communication channel to maintain with your patrons. For patrons falling in Millennial and younger generations (now … Continue reading “Unifying the Patron Text Message Experience”

Unique’s Change of Address Service for Smaller Libraries Now Available

Do you have less than 50,000 patron records? If so, this news is for you: Unique’s Change of Address service has been popular with libraries looking to maintain accurate patron records and reduce the time for both staff and patrons in renewing card. Until now, there has been a minimum charge based on 50,000 patron … Continue reading “Unique’s Change of Address Service for Smaller Libraries Now Available”

Flexible Notifications

Need Flexible Notifications? Current times require flexible notifications. Just think, how many times in the past year did your notices have to change? With ever-changing processes due to COVID, many libraries revised their holds, overdues, and other transactional messages every few weeks. Gone are the days of “set it and forget it” for ILS notices. Flexibility to edit and update these communications is now … Continue reading “Flexible Notifications”

Unique Webinar Section Has Launched

Unique has launched a new webinars section on to display our sessions with insightful leaders from the library industry that reviews and analyzes current trends to identify methods to improve the patron experience and enhance library operations. We host webinars frequently, so check back to see if a new webinar has been posted! While … Continue reading “Unique Webinar Section Has Launched”

Curbside past COVID 

Curbside past COVID  Last year, most library systems looked towards curbside service to provide physical materials when physical contact was not possible. Now that in-person services are reopening, patrons and staff are looking to continue curbside service for convenience.   Various patron types prefer curbside. Parents with young children in car seats, patrons that may have difficulty … Continue reading “Curbside past COVID “