Curbside Communicator

Curbside Communicator

Safe & Efficient Curbside Communication Tool for Libraries

Curbside Communicator is a tool that lets Library staff communicate with patrons via text message to facilitate a safe and seamless curbside hold pick-up process. For the two-way text process, the circulation desk would log into a website to receive and respond to text messages so staff does not have to use personal or library purchased phones. The patron would pull up, text the provider phone number, and a staff member would come to the designated parking spot and deliver the items in a safe manner. Unique will provide a local number for each branch that can be displayed on curbside signage, in hold notices, etc… creating a smooth and positive experience for the patron.

Reopen with Confidence

Download the Curbside Communicator information sheet and see how your library can effectively start back with limited curbside hold service.

Let's Talk

Unique offers a wide variety of cost effective digital messaging tools that can help your library as you begin welcoming patrons back including Curbside Communicator.  Let’s chat and see how Unique can help your library reopen with confidence and back to serving patrons.

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