Our Mission? Supporting libraries.

A full overview of our current products and innovative library services is below. We invite you to take a look and truly see how your library can serve, engage, and interact with patrons to create next-level engagement and an experience they are sure to rave about.

patron enjoying innovative library services in library

95% Of Libraries Say Excellent Patron Service Is Extremely Important

See How Sacramento Public Library Is Using Unique To Help Make This Happen


Unique Call Center

What can centralized customer service unlock for your library?  Let Unique handle the day to day calls so onsite library staff can handle in person customer service experiences.

Gentle Nudge® Material Recovery

Unique’s proven process helps libraries with overdue material recovery. Our Gentle Nudge approach allows patrons to return to the library as a user in good standing.

Unique Web Chat

Live Chat from Unique allows libraries to engage virtual users and bridge the gap to connect with your patrons without them ever leaving the library website.


Supercharge user engagement by enhancing your library notices including custom design, branding, and marketing.

Curbside Communicator

Curbside Communicator is a tool that lets Library staff communicate with patrons via text message to facilitate a safe and seamless curbside hold pick-up process.

Change of Address

Change of Address is a service where you can quickly and cost-effectively verify and update all of your patron records in one batch

Fine Free Gentle Nudge®

Fine Free Gentle Nudge® is a new approach to our proven Gentle Nudge process. Focusing on getting the materials back in the library and getting patrons unblocked, this option is gaining popularity.

New Mover Service

Our New Mover service automatically sends postcards about your library to new movers in your service area. Setup is easy and once you decide on your postcard artwork, Unique handles the rest.

Partner with Unique

Unique innovative library services can reduce workloads for managers and frontline staff, which in turn increases in-house efficiency. Think about the impact on your day-to-day operations if your staff is freed from daily interruptions.

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