Client Showcase

Client Showcase

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Client Showcase

Unique partners with some fantastic clients all around the country and we like to showcase what they're doing for their patrons and how they are impacting their communities.

Natrona Public Library

When Natrona Public Library in Casper, Wyoming signed up for Patron Services from Unique, they were getting more than a partnership with a team that is dedicated to handling their phone traffic on behalf of the library.

The library found that their staff were more available for their patrons in the library, the distractions in the library were minimized, and their patrons calling the library experienced better service, too.

Kent District Library

Kent District Library in Grand Rapids, Michigan is a library that embraces technology. However, even a library equipped with a dedicated team to address patron inquiries virtually faced challenges in responding to patrons across three different channels. Kent District’s team of 11 librarians was accustomed to handling phone and email inquiries, but they had to hide their chat feature because they simply couldn’t keep up with the demand.

Bozeman Public Library

This Montana library made the increasingly popular switch to fine free, but they still had blocked patrons. The library needed a material recovery partner to handle the legwork of getting patrons unblocked and materials back available. That is where Fine Free Gentle Nudge®  from Unique came in.

Arlington Public Library

The 8-location Arlington Public Library serves the northern Virginia county of nearly 250,000 people yet had a single problem: no insight into the patron notifications they were sending. MessageBee from Unique shed light on their patron notifications that the library had never accessed before.

Sacramento Public Library

Sacramento Public Library

Sacramento Public Library understands that patron interests can change rapidly. Find out how Unique’s Call Handling and Chat Services removed the routine requests from staff workloads and lets them focus on current patron needs.

Kansas City Public Library

The Kansas City Public Library’s Plaza Branch is popular for curbside service. Learn how Curbside Communicator smooths out staff processes enabling such high-volume transactions.

Westerville Public Library

Westerville Public Library wanted to identify and market library services to prospective patrons moving into their underserved areas. Find out how our New Mover service enabled their effort.


Alexandria Library

Alexandria Library’s digital branch realized they needed staffing to complete the patron experience. Unique stepped in to fill the gap, adding service to patrons without adding responsibility to staff.

King County Library System

King County Library System’s notifications weren’t matching their 21stcentury patron expectations. Read how they updated their communications to better engage with their patrons.  

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