This library was blown away by the service their patrons got

This library was blown away by the service their patrons got

Patron Services by Unique

Natrona Public Library was overwhelmed by the response to their switch to Unique


When Natrona Public Library in Casper, Wyoming signed up for Patron Services from Unique, they were getting more than a partnership with a team that is dedicated to handling their phone traffic on behalf of the library.

The library found that their staff were more available for their patrons in the library, the distractions in the library were minimized, and their patrons calling the library experienced better service, too.

Before the library started, staff in the library were constantly taken off task by a ringing phone. Staff found themselves in a constant cycle of stopping their task they were working on to answer a call, putting the call on hold, and completing the task they had been working on, then going back to the patron on the phone. It wasted time, it took staff members off their task, it inconvenienced patrons calling in, as well as patrons in the library. A convenience of calling became a nuisance for all involved.

Natrona Finds Success

In 2019, Natrona Public Library started call handling from Unique, and immediately saw an improvement in several areas of their day-to-day operation. Assistant Director Kate Mutch had this to say after experiencing the benefits of Unique Patron Services:

“With Unique Patron Services answering our phones, our frontline staff are better able to provide good customer service to patrons standing right in front of them.

The quality and accuracy of customer service on the phone has increased significantly since using Unique.  The answers are more consistent, the phone representatives are well trained and professional.”

Kate Mutch

Our Philosophy in Action

patron services infographic

Unique provides exemplary customer service to our clients and patrons. We don’t offer this kind of service to just any business, we are a library company, and our staff are trained specifically for the needs of libraries and patrons. It’s a core value to us, and we pride ourselves on the fact that our call agents are often indistinguishable from library staff in patron interactions. Even library professionals are unable to detect the difference between a Unique Call agent and a member of Natrona’s staff.

I was at our state library association and a college librarian, who is also a patron, mentioned she had called us earlier in the week and her experience on the phone was excellent. She didn’t know it was a service and was amazed! She said she would have sworn they were right in the library,” said Mutch.

Natrona has been more than satisfied with the level of service their patrons are receiving. The patrons are sending the library feedback about the new service they didn’t even know the library had.

“We regularly have patrons who go out of their way to compliment us on the quality of our phone customer service.

We’ve gotten positive comments from many patrons about how helpful, knowledgeable, and professional the person on the phone was. Many are not aware that the person they just talked to is not in our building or even on our staff!

The people answering the phone don’t just represent Unique well, they represent our library in a manner that we can also be proud of,”

-Kate Mutch

Natrona has experienced quieter public areas as well as a boost in their patron satisfaction, all things that other Patron Service customers note as well. For all stakeholders, Call handling from Unique has proven a great success for Natrona Public Library and the patrons.

Patron Services from Unique can transform your library, too.

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