Enhanced Material Recovery for high value materials and accounts


TechProtect provides a more direct option for communicating with library patrons compared to our standard Gentle Nudge™ program. TechProtect utilizes a mix of communication references to offer more flexibility and variability to our process to retrieve libraries’ more valuable assets like Wi-Fi hotspots, tablets, e-readers, and Chromebooks.

Keep your most valuable materials in circulation

Unique created TechProtect to meet a demand in the library industry. Valuable materials were being lost, so we decided to act. We evolved our successful Gentle Nudge™ tool to work for libraries, how they want. TechProtect was conceived for high-value materials that libraries can’t afford to lose, so anything that they decide is worth protecting, we protect. 

Nicole Atkins

From Our President

TechProtect is the next step in continually evolving our service to meet the needs of our library partners. The process strategically targets these specific popular and high value items with the goal to get them circulated into the hands of those that need it most while getting the overdue patron back as a user in good standing able to enjoy all the library has to offer.

-Nicole Atkins, President/CEO

Compressed Timeline, More Contacts 

TechProtect increases the urgency of the process due to their high value to other patrons. Communications are increased to reflect the value of materials.

Enhanced Skip Tracing

TechProtect skip traces using more options and for a longer time than traditional skip tracing approaches leading to greater success.

Live TechProtect Specialists

Specialized TechProtect team members use custom scripting and personalized contacts to maximize the recovery of high value items.

TechProtect FAQs

How does TechProtect differ from the Standard Gentle Nudge process?

TechProtect is an evolution of our Gentle Nudge process, which historically has recovered millions of dollars’ worth of assets for our client libraries. TechProtect builds on the successful framework of our process, with added frequency of contacts, active monitoring, and updated text and verbiage.

How are you able to identify patrons that qualify for this process?

Patrons are referred to us by libraries once they have exhausted their own internal process. Current submission reports can be modified to target these items as available. Libraries retain the ability to withdraw or waive patrons from the process at any point once we begin contacting them.

What does enhanced skip tracing involve?

Our active enhanced skip tracing process continually monitors multiple address databases to verify the address of the patron being contacted. If they have changed addresses, Unique’s process will be able to find an accurate updated address for the patron.

Is the verbiage of the communications the same as the standard Gentle Nudge process?

We have updated the verbiage of the TechProtect to emphasize the valuable nature of the materials that are overdue. The notifications were created in coordination with libraries and seek to encourage the recovery of these materials for all patrons to enjoy.

How does the agreement process work?

Libraries currently using Unique’s Material Recovery service as recommended can utilize the enhanced process as part of a simple addendum to their current agreement. New libraries can sign-up either as part of the Material Recovery Service or as a standalone process.

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