MessageBee FAQs

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As a part of our ongoing staff question series, we wanted to answer some of the biggest questions about our MessageBee service. What is MessageBee?  MessageBee is a communication service designed specifically for public libraries to communicate easily and effectively with their patrons. MessageBee offers libraries two distinct advantages: One, a fully engaging alternative to … Continue reading “MessageBee FAQs”

Three problems Unique Chat can solve

Public libraries have seen the potential of live chat as a customer service tool for a long time. Until now, technical and logistical challenges have limited its usefulness and popularity with patrons.  Unique Chat enables the public library to provide immediate assistance to online patrons, saving them time and effort. Chat can also convert more … Continue reading “Three problems Unique Chat can solve”

Three New Library Systems Join MessageBee Service

Unique is delighted to welcome North Texas Library Consortium (TX), Fort Worth Library (TX), and Fairfax County Library (VA) to the MessageBee Family. The three systems represent service areas of over 2,000,000 people and tens of thousands of patrons. “We’re so excited to be sending out such a beautiful product to our patrons,” said Robert … Continue reading “Three New Library Systems Join MessageBee Service”

7 Tips to send better newsletters with MessageBee

MessageBee is the ultimate library email tool. Using it for both transactional emails and for newsletters maximizes your investment in the software that can drive engagement for your library. Without the right know-how though, your library might not be sending the best possible newsletters to your patrons. Here are 7 tips that can take your … Continue reading “7 Tips to send better newsletters with MessageBee”

Ramapo Catskill Library System Goes Live With Unique’s MessageBee Platform

This 46 library consortium SirsiDynix Symphony group is using MessageBee to send location specific, branded circulation email notices for its member libraries. Unique is pleased to announce that Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS) has implemented MessageBee to enhance its circulation communications. RCLS was looking for a service to handle their bulk notice emails as emailing … Continue reading “Ramapo Catskill Library System Goes Live With Unique’s MessageBee Platform”

Send Messages in Preferred Languages with MessageBee

Is your library serving all of your patrons in the best possible way? If you aren’t using MessageBee, then the answer may be “no.” According to the US Census Bureau, approximately 1 in 5 households in the United States speaks a language other than English at home. For your ESL or non-English speaking patrons, sending … Continue reading “Send Messages in Preferred Languages with MessageBee”

Gentle Nudge Dispute Process and FAQs

What does the library see when notified of a dispute? Those designated to be Dispute Contacts at the library will receive the following email: Subject: File for you from UMS Hello! A document from Unique Management has been shared with you via our InfoLink website.  Please log into the InfoLink site to download or view … Continue reading “Gentle Nudge Dispute Process and FAQs”

“Is Material Recovery Mean?”

Common Library Staff Question: Is Material Recovery Mean? Continuing our series on questions we get from library staff, we tackle a common question about our material recovery service What is Gentle Nudge? Gentle Nudge was founded as a core service from Unique Library, and it has proven to be an invaluable addition to libraries across … Continue reading ““Is Material Recovery Mean?””

“We are a fine free library. Why do we need Unique?”

Common Library Staff Question: We are a fine free library. Why do we need Unique? Starting this week, Unique is addressing some of the most commonly asked questions librarians and library staff have about our services and library practices. Is your library fine free? The American Library Association officially took the position that public libraries … Continue reading ““We are a fine free library. Why do we need Unique?””

PLA 2022: Reflecting on a Great Event

PLA 2022: Reflecting on a Great Event Unique was proud to be one of the hundreds of exhibitors on hand at PLA 2022. As Kal Penn put the finishing touches on a productive PLA 2022 Conference at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland last Friday, we wanted to put some thoughts down from the week … Continue reading “PLA 2022: Reflecting on a Great Event”