Something Special for Online Patrons

Something Special for Online Patrons

You know those special patrons everyone knows by name? The regulars who come to the library for materials and resources, yes, but also for the human interaction? Every library has them.

The desire to feel valued and attended to isn’t limited to your library’s “regulars.” ALL patrons – all people – are like that in different ways and to varying degrees. 

Everyone wants to feel special, attended to, and cared for. We’re all delighted when something is surprisingly easy or done just for us.

inbound call center

I’m sure you want all patrons to feel significant and served. You’re probably doing a great job of it with patrons who visit your branches. Now you can give your online patrons that same personalized attention and care with Unique Chat.

Unique Chat is a fully managed chat service, NOT a cooperative. We don’t ask you to contribute hours of coverage because that only creates additional headaches and inefficiencies.

With Unique Chat, all chats are answered by our own team of highly trained chat specialists and librarians. And chat software is deployed to maximize usage.


  • Chat software provided by Unique
  • Coverage by dedicated team of Unique Chat Specialists – NOT a co-op!
  • Chat window on all web pages – catalog too
  • Mobile-optimized
  • Renewals, holds, account questions, FAQ’s
  • E-media support and ready-reference
  • Analytics and transcripts available 24/7
  • No commitment
  • Easy implementation


  • 80% first response in 10 seconds or less
  • 80% first chat resolution
  • Reduces patron phone calls and emails
  • Know what patrons are asking about – all chats transcribed and tagged
  • Increases library usage – more checkouts, downloads, sign-ups, visits