10 Reasons for Unique Library Material Recovery

10 Reasons for Unique Library Material Recovery

Why should your library use Unique Management Services’ material recovery service instead of a traditional collection agency?

Here are 10 reasons why Unique’s material recovery service is better than traditional collection agencies.

  1. Unique’s entire service is crafted to meet the special needs of libraries. Traditional agencies treat libraries (and patrons) like all other non-library clients.
  2. Unique specializes in material recovery. Traditional agencies specialize in cash recovery.
  3. Unique specializes in small balance accounts. Traditional agencies have few small balance accounts and have little interest in small accounts with small payback.
  4. Using Unique will cost your library less than using a traditional collection service. Indeed, the service more than pays for itself with the average library seeing a $4:1 return on investment.
  5. Unique offers a fully automated process using your ILS collection module, eliminating staff time spent on the collections process. With traditional agencies, the library will have to send information repeatedly via a manual process causing additional work for the library staff.
  6. Maintaining patron goodwill is an essential objective of the service. Letters and phone conversations with patrons are gentle and tailored to the library’s needs and desires.
  7. Each library is assigned a designated customer service representative. Your customer service reps works with you on the setup process and beyond to ensure optimal value and ease of use.
  8. Unique provides training and support free of charge. Other agencies offer limited to no training or technical support for their clients’ staff members.
  9. Libraries like the idea of using Unique to gently nudge past due patrons to recover material while maintaining patron goodwill.
  10. Unique currently serves over 1,700 library clients in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. Libraries are Unique’s specialty.

Unique is a library company with a PROVEN track record of delivering better results, maintaining patron goodwill, saving staff time, and providing better customer service than any non-library collection agency could. 1,700 libraries can’t be wrong. Click the button below to contact us today!

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