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Making The Transition to A Fines Free Environment?

Many libraries are currently considering the adoption of fines-free policies as a way to increase the rate of return of overdue materials. Indeed, adjusting fine structure or eliminating fines all together, may be an effective strategy for getting books back on shelves. More materials returned. Patrons restored to good standing with full access to all … Continue reading “Making The Transition to A Fines Free Environment?”

10 Reasons for Unique Library Material Recovery

Why should your library use Unique Management Services’ material recovery service instead of a traditional collection agency? Here are 10 reasons why Unique’s material recovery service is better than traditional collection agencies. Unique’s entire service is crafted to meet the special needs of libraries. Traditional agencies treat libraries (and patrons) like all other non-library clients. … Continue reading “10 Reasons for Unique Library Material Recovery”