Unique Webinar Section Has Launched

Unique has launched a new webinars section on to display our sessions with insightful leaders from the library industry that reviews and analyzes current trends to identify methods to improve the patron experience and enhance library operations. We host webinars frequently, so check back to see if a new webinar has been posted! While … Continue reading “Unique Webinar Section Has Launched”

Curbside past COVID 

Curbside past COVID  Last year, most library systems looked towards curbside service to provide physical materials when physical contact was not possible. Now that in-person services are reopening, patrons and staff are looking to continue curbside service for convenience.   Various patron types prefer curbside. Parents with young children in car seats, patrons that may have difficulty … Continue reading “Curbside past COVID “

Unique Showcase Section Has Launched!

We’re excited to announce that we have launched a new Showcase section on to highlight some of our fantastic clients around the country that we partner with to showcase what they’re doing for their patrons, and how they are impacting their communities. This new section of our website will be updated regularly, so keep … Continue reading “Unique Showcase Section Has Launched!”

Expanding Digital Access with CARES

With the signing of the recent CARES act that includes library services, Unique has seen a surge in interest about how our tools and services expand digital access and provide technical support services. Here is a quick menu of how Unique serves libraries to help meet their digital access and technical support service needs.   Expanding … Continue reading “Expanding Digital Access with CARES”

Patron Phone Calls: The 8 Most Common

In Unique’s 10+ years of answering patron phone calls, we’ve identified the trends of why patrons are reaching out to contact their local library. While the answers will vary from library to library, the questions remain the same. These eight categories encompass 80% of patron phone calls. Patron Phone Calls: The 8 Most Common Circulation … Continue reading “Patron Phone Calls: The 8 Most Common”

Time to Reopen? Support for Libraries in Need

Time to Reopen? Patrons are hungry about reengaging with library services as soon and as safely as possible. With the prolonged pandemic, we are seeing staffing upended at libraries through a combination of unfilled retirements, furloughs, and layoffs. Budgets are tight at a time when it’s a time to reinvent and redeliver library service. Combine that with the ever-expanding reach of how libraries serve their … Continue reading “Time to Reopen? Support for Libraries in Need”

Live Chat Software – Staffing and Designing for Real Patron Needs

Who’s Staffing Your Live Chat Software? What type of service is live chat for your digital branch, and how do you decide who is going to be staffing your live chat software? Knowing what type of questions patrons will be asked is important to know who those questions should be directed toward. When we talk … Continue reading “Live Chat Software – Staffing and Designing for Real Patron Needs”

Blocked Patron Reengagement

Blocked Patrons? Now What? When a patron fails to return an item or a few, you’ll send overdues, reminders, and then finally a bill. What happens then? If you are not partnering with Unique for Material Recovery, likely nothing is happening with those patrons and a once valuable library patron is totally disconnected from their … Continue reading “Blocked Patron Reengagement”

KCPL Showcase Introduction

Introduction to the KCPL Showcase Curbside Communicator has helped ease the process for patrons and staff at hundreds of library locations since the service launches in 2020. In our library showcase for Kansas City Public Library, we focus on the usage at the Plaza Branch. The reduction in patron phone calls has allowed staff to … Continue reading “KCPL Showcase Introduction”

E-Media Support From Unique

Assisting patrons with your digital resources when virtual support is the only option can be a challenge for many teams. We have found that there are four steps to successfully providing e-media support for patrons and these principles don’t only apply to remote support, but onsite support as well. Recognize and Organize Your Resources In … Continue reading “E-Media Support From Unique”