UniqueChat is Tailored Specifically for Libraries

UniqueChat is Tailored Specifically for Libraries


As we’re all navigating our way through the COVID-19 emergency, now more than ever, your website may wind up being your busiest branch. As patrons around the country adhere to stay-at-home orders and abide by social distancing guidelines, but still need the vital services offered by their local libraries, a live web chat is an important tool to install on your website to continue connecting with your patrons, when they need you, even when they cannot visit your library.

Unique now offers UniqueChat, a live web chat software designed with the needs of libraries in mind. UniqueChat provides real-time assistance to patrons in a format tailored to their preferences and includes a branded chat widget that is easy to set-up, user-friendly, provides detailed analytics, and will look great on your website with customizable images and colors to match your brand standards.

UniqueChat Translates over 100 Different Languages

Brant Chat Widget UniqueChat

UniqueChat translates over 100 different languages to open up your library to all the different individuals your location calls home, especially the underprivileged. With language translation, UniqueChat becomes an extension of your English-speaking staff and allows them to support patrons they otherwise would have had trouble communicating with. We offer a quick and effective on-boarding which includes design, installation and training meaning UniqueChat can be live on your website within less than 72 hours.

Leverage Our Experience

We provide over 10k chats per month for our library patrons across the country. Leverage our staff’s experience to provide digital tools to support your patrons during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Ready for UniqueChat?

When you’re ready for UniqueChat, we’ve developed a handy guide about the best practices of choosing and designing your chat widget. You can review it HERE.

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