Real Life Notifications from MessageBee

Real Life Notifications from MessageBee

Most library notifications don’t leave a lasting impression on the patron. The notifications are functional but not reflective of the branding effort put into your virtual and in-person experiences.  

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MessageBee provides all notification channels for all major ILS platforms that can leave a positive impression by meeting and exceeding patron communication expectations. Brand recognition increases and leaves the patron more confident in the library’s ability to serve them in a modern, meaningful way.  

Here are real examples of MessageBee generated notifications.  


Emails have the most flexibility for design and customization. Libraries using MessageBee emails design standardized templates to meet their notification needs. Each template is flexible and can have multiple iterations, like multiple overdue notices with adaptive language for the length of time an item is outstanding. Unique handles all the complicated coding work. Content can be changed and customized easily. Your transactional emails can also feature banner ad space, allowing promotion for upcoming events or ongoing services.  

Central Arkansas Library System 

Central Arkansas Library System patrons receive a thoughtfully designed and curated email promoting library events and resources.  

Skokie Public Library 

Skokie Public Library unites their branding efforts using MessageBee Patrons see cover art in notifications via a simple integration.  

Text Message 

Many patrons prefer text message notifications. Text messages have the highest read rate of any notification (99%) and ensures the patron gets the message. Unique allows libraries to customize how patrons receive notifications via standard 160 character SMS or media-rich MMS messages. Patrons can respond to renew items, cancel holds, or even talk to staff through integration with UniqueChat 

Brooklyn Public Library 

Henderson Libraries 

Automated Phone Call 

For most libraries, automated phone calls are the replacement for mailed notifications as a lower-cost option. Patrons who may not have internet access or a smartphone can typically receive standard phone calls.

Because phone calls are not as secure, we generally keep the notifications free of Personally identifiable Information (PII). Flexibility options include listing which location a hold may be available at and the specific wording of the notice. 

SWAN – Automated Phone Notice