Staff Spotlight: Tori Roberts

Staff Spotlight: Tori Roberts


Who is Tori Roberts? 

Tori studied English at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee. She went on to marry her high school sweetheart, with whom she’s been together with for 12 years. She is a mother to her 8-year-old daughter and her pets, a Boxer-Boston terrier named Russ, and her gray tabby cat Anakin. In her spare time, she enjoys simplicities like reading, crocheting, hiking, and fishing.   

Tori’s Impact at Unique 

At Unique, Tori assumes the pivotal role of department manager for Patron Services, guiding our team of patron service agents to consistently deliver exceptional service to our clients’ patrons. While she incorporates a culture of positivity and teamwork within Unique, she also serves as a hands-on liaison for addressing any client concerns or feedback related to patron services. Tori contributes to the enhancement of our training materials and shares responsibility for our monthly quality assurance procedures. She provides coaching to agents to make our call and chat agents the best in the industry.  

Moments with Colleagues 

When asked about her favorite part of work, she mentioned her co-workers. 

 “We have a great sense of camaraderie amongst ourselves.” 

Tori and her team thrive on helping each other with patron questions, while also being able to have a little fun by sending memes and gifs in the Microsoft Teams group chat. 

Memorable Moments at Unique 

Reflecting on her time at Unique, Tori recalls the year of April 2020, which in hindsight was a time of distress for all. This memory of a 10-year-old patron who had called into the children’s library with a profound message to feed the library’s pet saying, “I just want to make sure someone is feeding Hamlet. Okay thanks. I’m only 10, but my mom is letting me use her phone. Byeeee!”  

Passion for Libraries 

Tori’s passion for libraries comes from their firm dedication to community engagement. She admires how libraries strive to be accessible to everyone, acknowledging how important they are in creating more opportunities for communities around the world. Through her work at Unique and her love for libraries, she continues to appreciate the simplicities of life, while motivating and creating opportunities for others to prosper and thrive alongside her journey.