CW MARS Consortium (MA) launches MessageBee SMS notifications

CW MARS Consortium (MA) launches MessageBee SMS notifications

The 187-location consortium adds 10-DLC compliant SMS notifications system-wide to keep their patrons up to date on their transactions.

Unique Library is proud to announce the addition of MessageBee SMS notifications for the Central and Western Massachusetts Automated Resource Sharing (CW MARS) consortium this week. Patrons will receive notifications from the library via SMS notifications, creating a new channel for their patrons.

CW MARS is the largest consortium in Massachusetts, serving 900,000 patrons throughout the state. The consortium is a brand-new member to the growing list of Unique’s library community, recognizing the need to upgrade SMS communication in a rapidly evolving technology landscape.

MessageBee is a powerful and customizable messaging tool that offers numerous features, making it an essential asset for libraries looking to enhance their communication strategies. Easily understandable SMS notifications made MessageBee a great choice for CW MARS.

Key features of MessageBee include:

  • SaaS Email and SMS service: Our SMS and email notifications require no library-based equipment. We handle the back end, so libraries can focus on their patrons.
  • Superior Deliverability: Unique is on the cutting edge of SMS-based notifications. Our 10-DLC compliant notifications are an upgrade on traditional email-to-SMS in deliverability and clarity.

About MessageBee

MessageBee has three different ways to communicate with your patron base. SMS alerts get in front of more of your patrons with simple and understandable messaging. Email takes boring and confusing ILS-generated email notifications and turns it into a patron engagement tool with a simple drag-and-drop design. Phone notifications cater to your patrons that prefer the personal touch of a recorded or voice-to-text phone messages.

About Unique Management Services

Unique Management is a Jeffersonville, Indiana library service company, that offers a full suite of library communication options for patrons including the Gentle Nudge® Material Recovery process, MessageBee patron engagement platform, and Virtual Patron Service. With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry and 1,600 client libraries, Unique strives to build long-lasting relationships with our partners to better serve their patrons.