Save Staff Time With Unique

Save Staff Time With Unique

Let Unique help your library with staff turnover.

In an unpredictable employment environment, even libraries cannot escape the topsy-turvy swings that covid has brought. It is important to be flexible and have solutions that can bridge gaps in employee coverage. Unique offers several tools that can help your employees focus their efforts on their tasks in the library, saving time while increasing patrons’ quality of service. We came up with three ways your library can help save some staff time that’s wasted on simple patron inquiries and focus on the task at hand.

Chat Can reduce call volume

Unique Chat represents a new channel of communication for libraries that can handle many of the same inquiries as traditional phone call, but in an asynchronous interaction. With a chat widget that resides on the library website, patrons can ask a question while a librarian keeps an eye on the Unique Chat portal and answering when they can.

Depending on the size of the library and volume of chats, you may want to add Unique Chat staffing. Let us handle your chats on behalf of your library, while you handle the business at hand: your library’s patrons.

Phone can reduce need for dedicated staff/also saves staff distractions

    • Phone trees

With automated phone trees, you can save time that is wasted directing calls, while also minimizing the amount of time your patrons spend on hold. It’s a small investment that can make a big difference.

    • Dedicated phone staffing

Add another level of service with Unique Phone. With Rollover call answering, whenever the phone rings more than three times in your library it automatically rolls over to one of our qualified library communication professionals.

Gentle Nudge saves staff time spent to get materials back

Do you find that your staff are spending more time than it’s worth chasing after fines and overdue books? Some libraries have found that going fine free has saved some staff time, but that doesn’t eliminate the problem. Once you exhaust your internal process, let us track down the materials for you. Our Gentle Nudge program has a great success rate, and our team of communication professionals can do the legwork on your behalf.


If refocusing your staff on your library’s most important tasks is something you have been struggling to do, Unique has the solutions to your problems.

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