NEWS | Oshawa Public Libraries launches MessageBee Email, SMS, and Voice Services.

NEWS | Oshawa Public Libraries launches MessageBee Email, SMS, and Voice Services.

The four-branch system will begin sending email, SMS, and voice notifications to patrons this week

Unique Library announced the launch of MessageBee for Oshawa Public Libraries this week. The innovative messaging solution offers customizable notifications for email, SMS, and phone voicemail for patrons of the Ontario, Canada library system.

MessageBee is a powerful and customizable messaging tool that offers numerous features, making it an essential asset for libraries looking to enhance their communication strategies. Easily understandable SMS notifications, attractive emails, and clear voicemails made MessageBee a great choice for Oshawa Public Libraries. MessageBee also integrated well with Symphony, the library’s ILS.

Key features of MessageBee include:

  • Clear and engaging emails: MessageBee is a complete reimagination of the patron notification, turning bland and confusing auto-generated emails into engaging and informative emails that libraries can customize.
  • SMS notifications: Unique is on the cutting edge of SMS-based notifications. Our transactional notifications are an upgrade on traditional email-to-SMS in deliverability and clarity.
  • Phone notifications: Either voice recordings or automatically generated messages offer clear voicemail messages.

Oshawa will also be harnessing the power of MessageBee email to send engaging marketing messages to their patrons. By leveraging the data in their ILS, combined with the customizable features of MessageBee’s drag-and-drop editor, Oshawa’s patrons will get colorful and informative emails that highlight their library’s events and services.