NEWS | Cooperative Computer Services launches MessageBee SMS

NEWS | Cooperative Computer Services launches MessageBee SMS

The 29-member technology-forward group will begin sending transactional SMS notifications to patrons this week.

Unique Library announced the launch of MessageBee for Cooperative Computer Services (CCS) this week. The innovative messaging solution offers customizable library-specific notifications for email and SMS. CCS joins the SWAN library consortium to be the second collection of libraries to implement MessageBee SMS in the Chicagoland area this year.

MessageBee is a powerful and customizable messaging tool that offers numerous features, making it an essential asset for libraries looking to enhance their communication strategies. Easily understandable SMS notifications made MessageBee a great choice for CCS. MessageBee also integrated well with Polaris, CCS’s ILS.

Key features of MessageBee include:

  • Custom and Individual Message Wording: MessageBee enables the creation of customized messages for each of the 29 separate library locations within the CCS group.
  • Multilingual Messaging: To cater to the diverse language needs of library patrons, MessageBee supports message creation in English and Spanish.
  • Separate Reporting and Portal Access: MessageBee provides each of the 29 library locations with individual reporting and portal access, so each branch can maximize their subscription.