Unifying the Patron Text Message Experience

Unifying the Patron Text Message Experience

Unique is the only service provider that supports a multi-tiered approach to the patron text messaging experience. Now patrons that choose text notifications can communicate with the library, including their notifications, from a unified phone number and platform.  

Unifying the Patron Text Message

Unifying the Patron Text Message Experience

Text Messages are an essential communication channel to maintain with your patrons. For patrons falling in Millennial and younger generations (now the majority of the US population), communication with their friends, family, colleagues, and service providers is done primarily via text message and chat.  

Why should your library want to support text message notifications?  

Text messages have significantly higher open and read rates than email. 99% of text messages are opened and read compared with 25% of emails. Patrons are sure to see the message and respond too quickly.  

Why haven’t libraries adapted text messaging more broadly?  

Historically, text messaging for a library would rely on multiple phone numbers and possibly a dedicated mobile phone. The patron experience could be confusing with knowing how to contact their library. Staff would have multiple tools to manage conversations with patrons, leaving more opportunities to drop a conversation or forget to log in.  

Notification systems have been restrictive on the content and formatting of sent messages, often resulting in truncated information. Reporting sent and delivered messages has been challenging to receive if available at all. Patron phone carriers had to be tracked and maintained.  

Unique solves these problems. 

We support text messaging with patrons through UniqueChat, Curbside Communicator, and Message BEE notification services.  

UniqueChat makes it simple for staff to see the message and communicate back with patrons.  

    • Integrates seamlessly with chats from the library’s websites, one tool to manage 
    • Fully customizable standard replies make it quick and easy to respond 
    • Reporting tools allow you to log and analyze patron questions 
    • Support from Unique’s Patron Services Team available 

Curbside Communicator makes fast contactless transactions simple.  

    • Patrons text in and answer the information staff need to complete the transaction 
    • Staff receive the text and can quickly grab and deliver the items 
    • Flexible programming and routing options provide a tool for multiple teams/departments 

Message BEE text notifications function flawlessly, enabling customizable content for your patrons.  

    • “Real” text messaging – Not an email to SMS gateway, no need to track the patron’s carrier 
    • Reporting – Know if a message was delivered or failed vs. sending it into the great unknown 
    • Message Preview – See the exact copy sent to your patron 
    • Edit and personalize messages easily 
    • Customize by adding cover art images and account links through MMS Messaging 
    • Allow patrons to reply to renew items, cancel holds, or converse back via UniqueChat 

Combining these tools provides the first unified text messaging approach available for library patrons. Make it simple for patrons to communicate with you the way they prefer, ensuring they can find maximum value in your services. Find out how you can make a better patron experience by contacting sales@uniquelibrary.com today.