Three New Library Systems Join MessageBee Service

Three New Library Systems Join MessageBee Service

Unique is delighted to welcome North Texas Library Consortium (TX), Fort Worth Library (TX), and Fairfax County Library (VA) to the MessageBee Family.

The three systems represent service areas of over 2,000,000 people and tens of thousands of patrons.

“We’re so excited to be sending out such a beautiful product to our patrons,” said Robert Harvey, Systems Manager at Fairfax County Library in Virginia. MessageBee offers fully customizable templates that libraries can use to control the branding and interactivity of their email communications.

The new members of the MessageBee community will also be able to communicate both en masse and personally with unprecedented engagement and interactivity.

The transformative technology of MessageBee turns unengaging and confusing ILS-generated emails into rich, engaging, and fully-customizable emails. Learn more about the service.

Fort Worth Library has already put MessageBee to good use, harnessing the language feature to send languages in Spanish to patrons who designate the language as their preferred communication language in the ILS. Check out one of their messages in English as well as Spanish:


Watch this video on MessageBee