Product Spotlight: MessageBee

Product Spotlight: MessageBee

Unique has been the preferred patron communication provider, both staffed and software service solutions, for public libraries for 25+ years with ~2000 library partners worldwide.

Modern libraries, both public and academic, rely on modern communications. Many library systems rely on additional services for marketing driven emails, but transactional emails remain unchanged. Message BEE modernizes ILS generated transactional notices, enabling the last piece of the communication puzzle.

Patron expectations for library communication continue to increase as technology improves. Why be limited by software in how your library connects with your patrons, when modern libraries, both public and academic, rely on modern communications? Message BEE is the preferred modern notification tool for public libraries, and to extend our reach we are searching for beta partners in the academic space.

MessageBee powered by Unique enhances your current library communications such as pre-due, hold, overdue, bill, or welcome notices by taking your existing limited options and turning them in to a rich marketing and engagement tool. And because Unique is involved, you can count on the service wowing patrons along with being easy to use and cost effective.

Your items are ready to pick up email template


The process is simple, yet extremely powerful.

      1. Decide which notices to send using MessageBee. Standard options include pre-due, hold, overdue, bill, or welcome notices, but custom notices are available as well.
      2. Consider how you want your email notices to look and the message that the library wants to communicate. Incorporate logos, brand standards, marketing messages, links, and the exact patron and material information you want to provide. Need inspiration? Use a template already created by Unique.
      3. Calibrate your ILS settings with the help of Unique’s technical team and expertise using already developed and tested processes. No technical wizardry required as we have done the hard work already.
      4. Approve the new design with no additional day-to-day work required and wow your patrons while increasing engagement.



Detailed analytics are included and are vital for any library looking to better understand your patrons. MessageBee includes a robust real-time report suite with metrics such as Delivery Rate, Open Rate, and Click-Thru Rate.


Per the most recent statistics available online, about 3 in 5 consumers check their email on the go, and 75% of Americans say they use their smartphones most often to check email. MessageBee makes sure your emails look great on all device platforms including mobile-responsive templates.


Are you looking to grow your social media presence? Include direct links, and drive your patrons to the library’s social media platforms in real time to continue to the conversation.


Email is the number one communication source between libraries and their patrons and transactional ILS emails make up a significant portion of this communication. While volume is certainly dependent on library size, most libraries will send well over 1 MILLION emails yearly.

MessageBee takes this basic library communication and turns it into a vital engagement tool for your library brand. What can your marketing team do with 1 million impressions to your most active users? What kind of engagement and brand awareness will that build for your library?


Libraries of all demographics and sizes can use and will benefit from MessageBee. Currently, there is software support for the following ILSs: SirsiDynix Symphony, III Polaris, III Sierra, Evergreen and SirsiDynix Horizon. MessageBee is designed for libraries that:

      • Understand the value of an excellent patron experience that creates raving fans
      • Look to build patron champions and engagement by involving patrons further in the library’s services
      • Know the importance of effective communications including marketing and branding.
      • Make better decisions based on data

Think MessageBee might be a fit for your library?

Ready to explore more? Contact Michael at to discuss how you can become part of this limited trial.