NEWS | SWAN Library Consortium Launches MessageBee Systemwide

NEWS | SWAN Library Consortium Launches MessageBee Systemwide

The Chicagoland area library consortium has gone live with MessageBee at each of their 100+ locations.

Unique Management Services announced the live launch of MessageBee for SWAN Library Services on Tuesday. The innovative messaging solution offers customizable branch-level notifications for email and SMS.

MessageBee is a powerful and customizable patron communication tool that offers numerous library specific features, making it an essential asset for libraries looking to enhance their patron notice and communication strategies. MessageBee seamlessly integrates with Symphony, SWAN’s ILS and allows SWAN to create a unique and individualized mix of custom, branded, and personalized SMS and email communications.

Key features of MessageBee for SWAN include:

    • Custom and Individualized Message Wording: MessageBee enables the creation of customized messages for each of the 100+ separate library locations within the SWAN consortium.
    • Multilingual Messaging: To cater to the diverse language needs of library patrons within the library system’s geography, MessageBee makes it possible for SWAN to send communications in their three languages of choice: English, Spanish, and Polish. These notifications are fully translated into the patron language of choice.
    • Separate Reporting and Portal Access: MessageBee provides each of the 100+ library locations with individual reporting and portal access, so each branch can independently manage their communications, access performance metrics, and make data-driven decisions to optimize the communications.

“MessageBee is a game-changer for SWAN Library Services,” said Rob Klaus, President of Unique Library. “With this innovative platform, libraries within the consortium can now create and manage tailored messages that connect with their patrons on a deeper level, fostering stronger relationships and ultimately, enhancing the library experience.”

About MessageBee

MessageBee has three different ways to communicate with your patron base. SMS alerts get in front of more of your patrons with simple and understandable messaging. Email takes boring and confusing ILS-generated email notifications and turns it into a patron engagement tool with a simple drag-and-drop design. Phone notifications cater to your patrons that prefer the personal touch of a recorded or voice-to-text phone messages.

About Unique Management Services

Unique Management is a Jeffersonville, Indiana library service company, that offers a full suite of library communication options for patrons including the Gentle Nudge® Material Recovery process, MessageBee patron engagement platform, and Virtual Patron Service. With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry and 1,600 client libraries, Unique strives to build long-lasting relationships with our partners to better serve their patrons.