New changes to MessageBee portal now live!

New changes to MessageBee portal now live!


We have been working hard to improve our portal and are excited to share it with you.

Starting next week when you log into the MessageBee portal you will be given the option to utilize the beta version of our new and improved MessageBee portal. To start, this new version contains just the reporting aspects of MessageBee.  However, it forms the foundation of our future development for this platform.  Aside from a very significant performance improvement, we have also made a number of changes that I’ll detail below.  We’ve grown to over 400 libraries on the MessageBee platform who are using the system to better communicate with patrons and constituents.  We are excited to continue building tools to help!

Breaking out Notifications & Marketing Reports

Significantly, the circulation notice reporting and marketing/outreach reporting are now separate.  For those of you who utilize both aspects of the system, this will make a ton of sense as each of those communications are pretty different.  Now you’ll be able to see each along with success and engagement rates.  This allows us to start giving you improved and more detailed reporting on your marketing communications.

MessageBee Graphic

Better Summarization Options

You can also now view your communication statistics summarized in a few differentways – by channel (sms, voice, or email), and then by day, week, or month making it easier to consume this important info.  We are also making it a little easier to export your report data if desired.

Reporting in the new portal will initially go back to September, so for now, as you require historical reporting you will need to utilize the existing version.  Which will remain available for some time.  So, don’t panic – you’ll still have access to the existing version of the portal.

From here we are continuing to work to improve the MessageBee platform.  In the coming months we’ll be bringing in the other functions from the existing portal, along with a number of other significant improvements.  We’ll have a totally rebuilt media library, a brand new marketing-outreach email editor, self-service account features, and more!

We’ll send an email when this new portal version is available along with links to some how-to’s for using the new reporting tools.