Increasing your library’s digital footprint

Enhancing Library Engagement: The Power of Virtual Presence

Modern Libraries for Modern Patron Habits

In today’s digital age, more materials are being checked out digitally, and libraries are increasingly recognizing the importance of maintaining a strong online presence to engage with patrons effectively. With more patrons turning to online resources and services, libraries need innovative solutions to meet their needs and expectations. This is where Unique Library’s MessageBee and Virtual Patron Services come into play, offering comprehensive tools to enhance library communication and increase online footprint. In this article, we’ll explore the significance of virtual presence for libraries and how MessageBee and Virtual Patron Services can elevate the online experience for patrons.

The Growing Importance of Virtual Presence for Libraries

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As technology continues to reshape the way people access information and engage with institutions, libraries must adapt to meet evolving patron preferences. With the shift towards digital resources and remote access, more patrons are utilizing online services.

From accessing e-books and databases to seeking research assistance and event information, patrons expect the full library experience from their device.  Having a robust virtual presence is important to complement investment in digital media. Patrons expect seamless access to library resources and assistance, regardless of their location or device.

Virtual Patron Services: Elevating the Online Experience

Chat and Phone Service: Expanding Your Virtual Branch

Unique’s Virtual Patron Services is a great option for libraries seeking to enhance their online presence. With Virtual Patron Services, libraries can delegate incoming calls and chats to qualified Library Communication Specialists who engage with patrons on behalf of the library. This frees up librarians’ time to focus on in-person interactions and day-to-day tasks, while ensuring that patrons receive prompt and personalized assistance online.

Feature-rich Tools

  • Multiple Language: UniqueChat supports dozens of input languages, so that patrons will be able to communicate with their library in their preferred language.
  • Homepage Chat Widget: Our interactive chat widget sits right on your library’s homepage, so it’s upfront and visible
  • Support almost any request: Our agents can meet almost any need that comes from your patrons, from book renewals to room reservations and even e-media support. If a librarian can answer it, odds are that we can too.

Our call and chat services consistently leave both patrons and client libraries satisfied. Our agents are library-specific professionals, with all the best tools available. We take the stress and load off library staff, so that they can focus on the patrons within the library itself.

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Using Digital Tools to Modernize Patron Communication

Sending patron notifications in their preferred channel is an important way of engaging library users. Whether you reach them through phone, email, or SMS, communicating updates and reminders on their transactions is important. It’s also key to keep patrons in the loop on what is going on in your library, too. With marketing emails, sending email blasts to all or segmented parts of a patron base keep library users updated on the resources available to them

MessageBee is a game-changer in the realm of patron communication. By offering a complete patron communication tool that delivers notifications via email, phone, and SMS, libraries can stay connected with patrons more effectively than ever before. Whether it’s overdue book reminders, event notifications, or service updates, MessageBee ensures that patrons receive timely and relevant information, keeping them engaged and informed.

On top of notifications, marketing emails make MessageBee the definitive patron tool. Advertise things like your digital collection, online and in-person services, and anything else your library wants to celebrate. Letting your patrons know what they have access to is an important part of the library-patron relationship.

UniqueChat Case Study

Before Kent District Public Library added staffed chat from Unique, they simply didn’t have the staffing to answer chats.

Now their patrons get 5 star service while their staff can help other patrons in the library.

Increasing Online Footprint and Engagement

By embracing multi-channel patron communication and virtual patron services, libraries can significantly increase their online footprint and engagement. These services not only streamline communication with patrons but also enhance the overall online experience, making the library more accessible and responsive to patron needs. With a strong virtual presence, libraries can attract new patrons, retain existing ones, and reinforce their position as valuable community resources.

In an increasingly digital world, libraries must prioritize virtual presence and communication to remain relevant and accessible to patrons. Unique Library’s MessageBee and Virtual Patron Services offer powerful tools to enhance library engagement and increase online footprint. With these tools, libraries can effectively meet the needs of online patrons, deliver exceptional service, and strengthen their role as essential community hubs in the digital age.

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