Using MessageBee to Automate the Ultimate Welcome Email Campaign

Using MessageBee to Automate the Ultimate Welcome Email Campaign

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Using MessageBee to Automate the Ultimate Welcome Email Campaign

How does your library welcome new patrons?

A welcome email may seem simple, but used the right way, it can build raving library fans for many years to come. Below, we will outline how MessageBee can be leveraged and automated to maximize new engagement for your newest library users.

Choose your Audience

While automation is great, you will want to be careful to target your journey so that it’s effective. For example, a family may use the same email so you would not want to send the same message to each cardholder. We suggest using a standard welcome campaign for all new adult cardholders.

Design a Campaign, not an Email

Libraries have so much to offer, a single email message can’t list everything. Or worse, your message will suffer from information overload potentially losing the signal in the noise.

How do you determine what to list for new patrons? With MessageBee you can automate a series of messages at intervals and introduce patrons to the library over time.

See what is possible - check out this sample campaign

We put together a sample sequence of three emails spaced over a 14-day period to introduce new patron Rob to the library. Each welcome journey and series of links and features should be tailored to meet your library’s specific goals and offerings.  

Day 1: The Initial Welcome Message 

This is your chance to make a great first impression as the patron is excited to get a new card. Build on that excitement by connecting with them so they look forward to and read any future communication from the library. Keep the message simple and focus on the fundamentals of your library.  

Some ideas for this first email:

Link to your digital collection. 

Your patron is accessing this email digitally by definition, so this is an ideal time to get them interested in your digital collection. Show them all the library can offer outside the physical building or when the library is closed. 

Make sure they know where to find you. 

Patron service drives the library experience. Share all your pertinent contact information including phone, email, and locations so they are aware of all the ways they can contact you and interact with your team.  

Share your social media  

Social media is a fantastic way to interact with your patrons. Find your patrons on their apps of choice by providing links on all communications so patrons can hear from the library.  

Day 7: The first follow-up message 

This is a chance to share information beyond the basics. The patron already has what they need to get started and now is your chance to show what the library can offer. Promote what is most important to your library or some of the lesser-known offerings to drive engagement.  

Link to library events 

Events are a library mainstay and a fantastic way to build engagement. Make sure the patron knows where to find all the important things the library has to offer. 

Special Features

Does your library have a unique and special feature or section? What better time to promote it and get curious new patrons into your branch!


PRO TIP: Even though they were also listed in the first message, library contact details and social media links are smart things to include in all communication in case a patron has a question about the offerings. It is also a best practice to allow patrons to reply to all messages for help or visit a live chat link. Never let an opportunity for patron service go to waste.  

Day 14: The final email in the journey

Classes and Services

What might have slipped below the radar? What is your library particularly excited about? Make sure your new patrons know all about what is going on.

Keep in touch

It is also important for communication to be a two-way street. These are your newest patrons and getting their feedback is vital to understanding their needs. Use this opportunity to get feedback via a quick patron satisfaction survey or provide contact information for the library. 

Let us set this up for your library. Our treat.

Act now to set up this fully automated email journey at your library. For a limited time, contact us for a special pricing offer – our team will create, plan, and design the campaign for you. All without any day-to-day management for your team. 

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