Up Your Email Game With MessageBee Reporting

Up Your Email Game With MessageBee Reporting

The MessageBee dashboard is the home for all features of Unique’s premier tool for libraries to communicate with their patrons. From the column on the left side of the dashboard you can access anything your library may need, including the Reports feature that can unlock a world of insights for your library.


The attractive reports page shows you which messages are being delivered, opened, clicked on, and unsubscribed from. A graphic representation shows the change over time of your email messages in an easily understandable chart.  


MessageBee’s bespoke reports page also gives data-based insights on how what messages are being delivered in numerical form, with tabs for delivered messages, failures, and link clicks. The link clicks tab shows which URL from your messages are being most clicked on, giving your library valuable insight on what your patrons are most interested in.  

Automatically generated reports allow you to filter by custom dates, notification type, branch, and more depending on what parameters your library chooses during setup and what kind of messages your library sends. By using the information these tools give you, you can learn what works, and what doesn’t when you communicate with your patrons.  

If you have a patron who claims they haven’t received an email, its simple to search with their account information and you can see if emails were delivered and opened. For those who prefer text messages, MessageBee offers a SMS feature as well to make sure your patrons are being reached.  


Coupled with the proven benefits and 10 other useful features of MessageBee, reporting is another tool in your library’s toolbox of connecting with patrons.