Unique Wrapped 2022

A by-the-numbers look at how Unique’s Patron Services helped our client libraries.

In 2022, we saved libraries over 27,000 hours of staff time.

That’s time that can be spent better helping patrons.

About Patron Services

2022 was a high point for Unique Library and our client libraries. The technology-based approach to our patron services has proved to be popular for our clients and their patrons. Integrated chat widgets embedded on library homepages give easy conversation-based solutions for patrons. Call handling proved to be a seamless integration for our client libraries, too. Check out some of the reviews!

Our call agents took thousands of calls and spent over 17,000 hours on the phones with library patrons. That’s almost two years worth of time that we have saved librarians. That’s two years worth of time you can spend with your patrons. And thanks to our fantastic integration with our libraries, we can handle just about any request a patron could possibly make! Check out the most popular tags patrons had in 2022!

Most Popular Times

Highest Volume Day: Tuesday

Highest Volume Time: 1PM

Highest Volume Month: January

Most Popular Call Tags

  1. Library Technology

  2. Card/Account Question

  3. Item Renewal/Due Date

  4. Ready Reference Question 

  5. Hold Request/Edit/Cancel

What libraries are saying:

“Unique are great representatives for our library, friendly call reps, accurate information – I just wanted to say thanks and let you and your reps know that we notice and appreciate it!”

Kate Mutch, Assistant Director Natrona County Public Library

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Unique’s managed chat service answered thousands of inquiries on behalf of our client libraries. From hours and directions to holds and renewals, take a look at the most popular inquiries that our Library Communication Professionals encountered in 2022.

Most Popular Times

Highest Volume Day: Monday

Highest Volume Time: 10AM

Highest Volume Month: January

Most Popular Chat Tags

  1. Card/Account Question

  2. Catalog Search/Materials Question 

  3. Hold Request/Edit/Cancel

  4. Program/Events

  5. Library Technology

What patrons are saying:

“This was a really great way to get a response for a quick question. I will definitely use this again!”

“Wonderful, fast, and friendly service. It was great getting a nice and a quick response when other sites sometimes the live chats take forever.”

“Very quick response, they answered my question right away. It was nice to have my growing frustration in trying to access content, resolved so quickly. Thank you!”

“This is the best chat service by far! Leslie was great, made everything quick and easy!”

“My agent was great! I honestly did not expect for it to be a real person, but then once I realized it was, I was happy.”

“Paige was fast, knowledgeable and kind! Was able to assist with my renewal request and answer all my questions! Paige made this such a great experience!”

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