Ramapo Catskill Library System Goes Live With Unique’s MessageBee Platform

Ramapo Catskill Library System Goes Live With Unique’s MessageBee Platform

This 46 library consortium SirsiDynix Symphony group is using MessageBee to send location specific, branded circulation email notices for its member libraries.

Unique is pleased to announce that Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS) has implemented MessageBee to enhance its circulation communications. RCLS was looking for a service to handle their bulk notice emails as emailing from their own servers presented security risks due to their network set-up. After looking at options, RCLS decided on MessageBee due to the excellent features for consortia and expertise in the library market.

MessageBee allows for each member library to use their own branding including colors and logos and custom verbiage. This was a big selling point for member libraries

Per Jerry Kuntz, Electronic Resources Cons​ultant:

“MessageBee gives our consortia member libraries direct control over their own individual notice content; and allows them to communicate directly with their patrons, rather than through the middleman of a single mailing entity at our system headquarters.

Unique’s team assisted the library with the set-up in Symphony creating a “relatively easy” implementation” he continued, “as Unique’s MessageBee Support team are both familiar with public library operations and with the data format of our SirsiDynix ILS.”















On the library level, RCLS preloaded thee unique marketing images for libraries to select from to be added to their notifications. Custom images can also be added and scheduled in coordination with a library’s marketing calendar creating fresh and timely messaging all without having to coordinate with the system headquarters. RCLS is promoting initiatives such as Summer Reading, their Libby app, and their RCLS Gateway App.

There is also both library and system level reporting so analytics can be monitored both locally and as a group for maximum effectiveness. MessageBee combines the efficiencies of their consortium with the flexibility and personal touch of individual library creating a powerful solution to provide a great patron experience.

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