NEWS | Pueblo City-County Library District (CO) Returns to Unique after Material Recovery hiatus.

NEWS | Pueblo City-County Library District (CO) Returns to Unique after Material Recovery hiatus.

Library had tried to replicate results with a local company, experienced disappointing results.

Pueblo City-County Library District of Colorado (PCCLD) has restarted Gentle Nudge Material Recovery Service from Unique. Serving a base of 170,000 residents in south-central Colorado, the library district had been a Material Recovery client of Unique’s from 1998 up until 2018.

In October 2018, PCCLD had discontinued their service with Unique Management and had opted to use a local agency to recover lost materials. However, the results were not as satisfactory as expected, and the library decided to explore other vendors.

PCCLD is mostly fine-free; however, they have a commitment to recovering the value of lost materials and with that in mind, they have recently started working with Unique Management again. Unique was selected due to the proven results with material recovery and value along with the library specific technology to make the process work seamlessly for library staff.

“As a longtime partner of ours, PCCLD has always been committed to providing quality service to their patrons,” said Rob Klaus.  “Even in the face of difficult budget cuts, they recognized the importance of material recovery as more than just another expense. By prioritizing this aspect of their operations, they have ensured that their shelves remain stocked and their patrons continue to enjoy a satisfying library experience.”

About Gentle Nudge™ Material Recovery

We partner exclusively with libraries to effectively recover materials – along with fines and fees as desired – while preserving patron goodwill. With almost 30 years of experience, we understand the particular needs and concerns of libraries. Our process saves you time through extensive automation while remaining budget-friendly, thanks to the considerable fiscal value of asset recovery.

About Unique Management Services

Unique Management is a Jeffersonville, Indiana library service company, that offers a full suite of library communication options for patrons including the Gentle Nudge® Material Recovery process, MessageBee patron engagement platform, and Virtual Patron Service. With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry and 1,600 client libraries, Unique strives to build long-lasting relationships with our partners to better serve their patrons.