Marketing Toolbox

Marketing Toolbox

Marketing Toolbox

Marketing for libraries is vital and now is more important than ever.

Unique's suite of library communication services help libraries to grow and engage their patron base sharing all your library has to offer. Arm your library with engaging emails, informative postcards, and unmissable voicemails that will get to those hard-to-reach patrons.

Supercharge your marketing efforts with these tools from Unique

New Mover Service

Send new residents a postcard about your library

With the New Mover Service from Unique, send new residents in your area a postcard highlighting your library.

Using artwork that you design in tandem with Unique, coupled with our access to the National Change of Address Database, we can send postcards to a specific service area.

Whether by zip code or geo-coded shapefiles, Unique can precisely match your service area and send quarterly postcards on behalf of your library to the service area that you designate. Once the artwork is finalized and service area is specified, we handle everything else.


Level up your library notices and newsletter communication

MessageBee is the definitive email marketing tool for your library. When we launched MessageBee, we wanted to revolutionalize the look of transactional emails.

But now? MessageBee has armed dozens of libraries with the ability to design their own email templates and send them to customizable lists of patrons.

Want to let people know about new hours? Need to get the word out about a special event in one of your branches? Have a newsletter that you send out monthly? MessageBee is the marketing tool for your library.

Ringless Voicemail

Send Voicemails direct to patrons' inbox

When it comes to communicating with your patrons, you need options. For some, emails are the best option. For others, a postcard may be the most effective.

Unique aims to arm libraries with the tools that best meet the needs of their patrons. With the ability to send voicemails directly to patrons’ inboxes, it adds another arrow to the quiver of tools that your library can use for messages that simply cannot be ignored.

Audiogram Hearing Test with Smartphone App

Does your library need help reaching more patrons? Get in touch today!

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