Full Channel Notifications from Unique

Full Channel Notifications from Unique

Full Channel Notifications

Each patron has Unique preferences for how they want to be notified of hold notifications, overdue books, bills, newsletters, and any other communication from the library. Depending on the type of notice, patrons may have multiple communication preferences. Having flexibility to meet your patron expectations ensures they are going to utilize your resources to the fullest. Unique understands that even modern ILS may not be flexible enough to meet patron’s expectations. By automating your full channel notifications through Unique, you can allow patrons the flexibility to choose what format works best for them. Let’s look at some real examples of notifications Unique sends and how they may be most effective.


Full Channel Notifications

Gone are the days of plain text communications being acceptable for library patrons. Modern libraries can provide highly customized and easily reportable messages that change periodically to ensure maximum engagement from your patrons. Email notifications include not only your typical newsletters and marketing type emails, but also circulation related, transactional notices. Unique’s Message BEE tool set provides a modern email format that combines circulation and marketing efforts. This will likely be the preferred communication for the majority of patrons.

Text Message – SMS and MMS

For patrons with 1000+ unread email inboxes (you might relate), text messages can stand out more easily and ensure patrons don’t miss the notice. Unique’s automated system provides customized messages to give patrons all the information they need with attention grabbing emojis and images to catch their eye. Text messages work best for quick transactional or informative messages, something routine and without too many details.

Phone Calls

For patrons that prefer live phone calls or voicemails, Unique offers customizable phone calls and direct drop voicemail services to ensure the voice message is delivered. Use this for patrons that prefer messages not via text message or email.


Snail mail still has its place in the modern library experience. While most patrons will prefer instant communication, some patrons continue to rely on printed mail and special notifications such as bills still require the formality of mail. Unique automates this notification process without requiring any staff time for printing, stuffing envelopes, or applying postage.

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