Features Landing Page

Features Landing Page

Transform the way your library works

Unique has a rich history of serving the library industry with a range of patron and staff friendly services. Unique Management Services can help with material recovery, and patron communication services. All while providing customer service options your library may require.

Get Out From Behind The Desk

Unique can reduce workloads for managers and frontline staff, which in turn increases in-house efficiency for your library.

Cost Effective

Fully Managed

Expert Staff

Simple Implementation

Recovering Materials

Our Gentle Nudge® process has helped to recover overdue materials and unpaid fines for libraries. All while maintaining patron goodwill.

Engagement is Key

MessageBee From Unique Library is a powerful engagement tool. Turn your notification emails from boring text-based notes to a rich marketing tool.

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Explore Our Services

We invite you to take a look and truly see how your library can serve, engage, and interact with patrons to create next-level engagement and an experience they are sure to rave about.

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