Addison Public Library Adds NCOA Address Verification

Addison Public Library Adds NCOA Address Verification

Addison Public Library has added Unique’s National Change of Address (NCOA)  Verification service starting in January 2022. The Chicagoland library is harnessing the service to eliminate the need to renew library cards, instead using the NCOA database to automatically update their patron database when patrons move from the area.

“The reason for removing expiration dates is to remove barriers, especially for patrons who may not carry identification or documentation to update their account. We also wanted to move away from having to use the word “expire” and use “address check”. The use of words makes a difference when communicating with patrons and we felt it would remove negative interactions.

Ultimately, running the NCOA this way, removes any hassles from updating the patron’s account or worrying when the card will expire.”

-Jenny Cuevas, Head of Guest Services

About Unique Management Services

Unique Management Services is the preferred patron communication partner for nearly 2,000 library systems worldwide. Initially known for their Material Recovery program (which has returned over $1 Billion to library systems), Unique now provides communication resources for all aspects of communicating with library patrons and prospective patrons. Learn more here.

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