6 Things library staff can do with new free time

6 Things library staff can do with new free time

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” – Theophrastus

If you could get several hours back per day, what would you do with the time you saved? With Unique Library, it’s not just a thought exercise. It is something to plan for.

With staffing as tight as ever nowadays, it’s vital that every second of staff time is being used effectively. Unique is on your team, and we can take over your monotonous and distracting tasks while your staff can focus their time on tasks relevant to your library’s goals.

From Unique Chat to our call services, Unique Library offers several time-saving services and tools that increase the engagement of your library while maintaining your patron service standards. With your newfound free time unencumbered with distractions, we thought of some useful ways to improve your library.

1. Focus on your in-library patrons

The best reason to sign up for any Unique Library service. We take care of the time-wasting tasks like answering phones and staffing chat interfaces, giving it our full attention while you can give your full attention to your patrons. Instead of splitting your time and attention in multiple directions, being there for your patrons gives them the best experience. Letting our library communication professionals handle your chats and phones also means that your patrons get the best possible experience outside of the library, too. It’s a win-win.

2. Boost your outreach campaigns

Been trying to send someone from the library to a local school to let them know about summer reading or different things going on at the library? Want to launch a citywide reading initiative? A few free hours can make a big difference to your patron numbers when you can interact with dozens or hundreds of library users at once.

3. Create more events and programming

If a lack of staff is keeping you from creating new programming or events in your branch, then taking some tasks off your plate can open more opportunities for your patrons. With the time saved with Unique’s services you can now plan, schedule, and hold even more events a month, depending on the size of your library and how many services you subscribe to.

4. Send staff to conferences to get the latest ideas

Compounding the time saved from using Unique products can lead to some tangible results. If you save two staff hours per day, the hours quickly add up to something that you can leverage to make your library a better place for your patrons. Want to send someone to join a digital conference? You have the time to log on for a remote conference without having to keep an eye on the phones.

5. Catch up on chores and projects

Expanding digital access

-Does your Children’s Department need to be organized? Do you need to refresh your displays? Is all your signage up to date? It is the little time stealers that can keep you from staying on top of these odds and ends.

Empty your email inbox. How often do you find emails piling up in your inbox? Go through and purge your inbox and get back up to date with your correspondence. With the new time you have, you can also keep on top of it.

6.Staff Training

With us covering the phones and chat before and after your opening times, you will have zero distractions taking away from staff in-service. Get everyone on the same page in your library and conduct regular morning meetings or set aside a day for some staff training away from patrons.

We focus on making your library the best it can be, which means freeing up your staff to focus on more important things. With our dedicated Library Communication Professionals, you can maintain the quality of service your patrons receive, while freeing up your own library staff to take care of matters in front of them. What would you do with no distractions in your library?

Learn more about the time-saving solutions that Unique is pioneering.