Think You Know Unique? | Unique Webinar

Think You Know Unique? | Unique Webinar

Ever wonder if there is a Unique service that can help your library thrive?

Here is your chance to ask and learn about all we have to offer!

During this informative and actionable webinar, you’ll learn from Unique’s Melissa Fenton, Rob Klaus, and Michel Kuhr will provide a high-level overview of these Unique offerings and share success stories showing how libraries leveraging them to improve their patron service.

Fresh Patron Service Ideas

From A Name You Know and Trust

At Unique, we are helping libraries conquer these customer service challenges with people, software, and data services designed just for libraries.

Gentle Nudge Material Recovery (including Fines Free options)

Phone Based Patron Support



Print and Phone Notices

Data Services

…or set-up a time to chat.

A trusted partner working with most public library systems in the English-speaking parts of the world, Unique has been an innovator at people, software, and data services, helping progressive libraries better connect with their patrons. Set-up a time to chat and see if any of our products or services would be a fit for your organization.

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