Time to Reopen? Support for Libraries in Need

Time to Reopen? Support for Libraries in Need

Time to Reopen?

Time to reopen

Patrons are hungry about reengaging with library services as soon and as safely as possible. With the prolonged pandemic, we are seeing staffing upended at libraries through a combination of unfilled retirements, furloughs, and layoffs. Budgets are tight at a time when it’s a time to reinvent and redeliver library service. Combine that with the ever-expanding reach of how libraries serve their communities, and chances are your team could use a little support.  

Purposefully, we’re named Unique in part because each of our partners are unique to their community. We don’t offer prescriptive services. We offer carefully tailored services to fit your unique needs and preferences that take advantage of common patron experiences across all library systems.  

Did you know 80% of patron phone calls fall into the same eight categoriesWhile the responses may differ between libraries, the questions are almost always the same. Because of this common theme, an outside partner can step in and provide the support your team needs.  

Adding Unique’s Call Services to your library can do just that, freeing up an impactful amount of time to deliver on the quality services that will draw in more and more patrons to the library. You can find time to have your front-line staff doing proactive outreach to check in on patrons and invite them back into the library.  

Let your staff focus on the extraordinary unique services you provide and let Unique focus on your ordinary transactions with the exceptional quality you would expect. Dozens of library systems already trust Unique to work with their patrons for their normal conversations.

Please reach out to sales@uniquelibrary.com to find out how we can help staff focus on the services only you can provide.