This Library Went From Failed Notifications to Enhanced Engagement

This Library Went From Failed Notifications to Enhanced Engagement

MessageBee SMS

This Library had problems with their ILS SMS notifications, then they switched to MessageBee

Deliverability Issues for Lake County

Lake County Public Library (LCPL) in Indiana faced significant challenges with their ILS-based SMS notifications. Their outdated email-to-SMS system suffered from poor deliverability, as many cellular carriers have phased out and blacklisted this method. Additionally, the system failed to offer any insight into whether messages were successfully reaching patrons. This failure in a crucial communication channel caused significant operational difficulties and threatened patron satisfaction as the library would only learn about issues when it was too late.

Recognizing the need for a more dependable and efficient communication system, LCPL transitioned to MessageBee by Unique. MessageBee is a complete patron communication tool designed to meet current industry standards and regulations, ensuring high delivery rates and an improved experience for both libraries and their patrons.

Ease of Transition to New Notifications

Transitioning to a new communication platform can be daunting, but with MessageBee, the process is smooth and hassle-free. Thanks to our experienced implementation team and strong relationships with Integrated Library Systems (ILS), libraries can seamlessly integrate MessageBee into their existing workflows. Our team’s expertise ensures a seamless transition, allowing libraries to start reaping the benefits of MessageBee right away.

“Our transition to using MessageBee notifications has been wonderful! The on-boarding process was quick and easy!”

– Andrew Teeple, Technical Service and ILS Manager at the Lake County Library

Great Deliverability

MessageBee offers next-generation SMS messaging designed for the future. We built MessageBee SMS from the bottom-up to be compliant with new telecom provider regulations. Old email-to-SMS texts were untrackable, saw low delivery rates, and offered no insight into whether it was actually delivered. With our 10-DLC compliant messages, you can be confident that patrons will get what you’re sending them.

Our MessageBee platform ensures that your messages reach patrons’ mobile devices reliably and promptly. With robust SMS delivery mechanisms in place, libraries can trust MessageBee to deliver important notifications without delay. Additionally, our email reporting feature provides insights into the exact status of email communications, allowing libraries to track delivery success rates and address any issues promptly.

 As soon as we went live with text notifications, we saw a significant increase in the delivery success rate of our text notifications. Patrons immediately gave us positive feedback, reporting that they have had spotty delivery success in the past but were now receiving all the expected notifications.”

– Andrew Teeple, Technical Service and ILS Manager at the Lake County Library

Intuitive Dashboard and Tools

MessageBee provides libraries with a user-friendly dashboard and intuitive message designing tools. Our simple yet powerful interface empowers library staff to create and send communications with ease. Whether it’s crafting event reminders, overdue notices, or promotional messages, our intuitive message designer streamlines the process, saving time and effort. With MessageBee, libraries can deliver impactful communications that resonate with their patrons.

“The dashboard is easy to use, and I especially appreciate the daily reports and the ability to communicate directly with patrons via text through the ‘2-Way SMS’ portal, where we can immediately check for communications problems with patrons. We’re so happy with our texting service through MessageBee that we are now looking to expand our services through MessageBee into all delivery modes offered! ”

– Andrew Teeple, Technical Service and ILS Manager at the Lake County Library

Although they only recently started sending SMS notifications to their patrons, Lake County found the MessageBee platform so compelling that they have decided to add email and phone notifications as well, opening up a whole new world of engagement to their patrons.

MessageBee is transforming patron communication for libraries with its seamless integration, reliable deliverability, and user-friendly interface. With MessageBee, libraries can enhance their engagement with patrons and deliver timely, relevant communications that enrich the library experience.