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At Unique, we love libraries.

Since starting as a company in 1994, it has been our privilege to partner with and serve over 2,000 public library clients. We take great pride that 10,000,000 previously blocked patrons nationwide have been able to regain borrowing privileges as a result of our efforts over these last 25 years.

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Details about our material recovery efforts and results are below (scroll down).

Materials are the focus.

Since Day 1, our Gentle Nudge® Material Recovery system has been about getting overdue materials back to the library. These materials - popular by definition since they are checked out - can then be checked out to waiting patrons making them available for all to enjoy. In addition, prompt return of overdue materials means less chance of materials being lost and billed starting the long and expensive process of repurchasing and replacing the item.

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By The Numbers

320,000 Items Returned

320,000 Value of Materials Returned

If these materials were stacked on top of each other, the piles would be x higher than the tallest building in the United States of America - One World Trade Center.

Librarians are busy. You don't have time for more manual tasks.

Our services are specifically designed to be staff friendly using technology and your ILS for a seamless experience. Spend your time where it matters - serving and engaging with your patrons.

Return patrons to library users in good standing with the Gentle Nudge®.

Patrons with overdue accounts are not bad people. They are library users who get busy and need encouragement and understanding to clear their accounts which is exactly what Unique's Gentle Nudge® process delivers. And once their accounts are clear, they can return to the library as an unblocked users in good standing with no loss of patron goodwill.

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By The Numbers

72,000 Patrons Paid In Full

These patrons are now able to enjoy and use the library to it full capacity after previously being blocked by the library.

Looking for best practices to restart your material recovery process?