New Service Waitlist

New Service Waitlist

Are you ready for the next big thing?

Unique is excited to offer two new features: TechProtect and Automated Library Card Renewal, which uses Address Verification to automate the renewal process. Both are powerful tools which will keep your library serving patrons in innovative new ways. 

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Introducing TechProtect from Unique

We are always focused on providing the best and latest tools to libraries across the country. We took our proven Gentle Nudge process and reimagined it for high-value materials for the modern library. It follows the same principles, with updated messaging to reflect the importance of resolving accounts with higher balances. By joining the waitlist you’ll be the first to know when TechProtect becomes available.

TechProtect is perfect for

  • Laptop computers
  • Wifi Hotspots
  • Cameras and recording equipment
  • Instruments
  • Tablets and other electronics
  • Accessories

Automated Library Card Renewal with Address Verification

Managing patrons’ library cards just got a lot easier. New from Unique, our Automated Library Card Renewal service is the intelligent tool that libraries have been asking for. The process automatically verifies a patron’s address and can renew their card if everything is correct.

For patrons that have moved out of the area, the service sends an automated email to the library for a simple removal. This service is a win-win for both patrons and library staff, as it streamlines the renewal process and saves valuable time. It also keeps your patron database accurate by only containing people who live in your library’s service are. By joining the waitlist, you can be the first in line to receive updates and get the service as soon as it is live. 

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Connecting libraries and their communities is what we do.

Have a thought, question, new idea, or want to chat a about how Unique might be able to help your library? Drop us a line and let’s connect.