Chat Survey

Chat Survey

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Now, more than ever, your website can be your busiest branch. How are you providing support to your virtual patrons?

UniqueChat live web chat enables real-time assistance to online customers in a format that suits their usage preferences. Our widget is designed for library use and includes pre-made responses along with usage metrics which leads to simple, yet expert installation.

The service includes a branded chat widget that is easy to set-up, is user-friendly, and will look great on your site with customizable images and colors to match your brand standards. We offer a quick and effective on-boarding which includes design, installation and training.

Duluth Public Library Doubled Their Hold Pick-up Capacity With Curbside Communicator

From the library: “As we get to the end of our first full week of using the Communicator I thought I’d check in. It has been going really well for us. Staff are catching on easily and it has streamlined our process so much. When we were taking appointments we could serve about 70 patrons a day. Yesterday we doubled that number. And our staff time devoted to curbside is less. This is freeing us up for other things. So, thanks for helping to get us set up.”