Library Journal Directors Summit 2023

Library Journal Directors Summit 2023

Unique Patron Services is where technology meets great customer service. We combine our well-trained and courteous US-based call center agents with proprietary technology that can transform your patrons’ experience with the library. Staff can also benefit from Unique Patron Services, alleviating phone and chat traffic in the library so they are free to help patrons in front of them or carry out tasks that they otherwise would be doing.

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Join our reception!

Unique will be hosting a reception for Directors’ Summit attendees. Venue details to follow.

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How Unique Patron Services can transform your library

Save staff time and maximize patron satisfaction

Our Chat service has saved thousands of staff-hours across the country, while adding a valuable channel for patrons to get in touch with their library.

Chat widgets have exploded in popularity lately, and to keep up with younger patrons many libraries are hurriedly adding chat to their websites without considering staffing loads or patron experience.

Our staffed chat brings 5-star service to libraries  without adding any extra load on staffing.

We helped hundreds of libraries answer thousands of chats in 2022, check out some of our stats from last year. 

Engage with your virtual patrons.

UniqueChat efficiently and conveniently delivers chat support to online patrons. UniqueChat provides the ease patrons want and the flexibility libraries need through customization, automation, staffing models, and affordable pricing.

What our clients are saying

“In the beginning we thought Unique chat service would be a nice add-on service…Now we consider it a core part of our service, not just an ‘add-on.’ The staff at Unique is accurate, courteous and enthusiastic. They know our policies and procedures just like our own employees… We were so happy it was already in place these past two challenging years. It’s really been a lifesaver for us!”   

Thais Rousseau, Collection Development Director


Delivering an excellent patron experience through UniqueChat is just the start. With over 100,000 chat interactions, we understand that each library’s needs are different. Our modern chat design is easy for libraries to customize and easy for patrons to use.  

Staffing Options 

UniqueChat provides flexible staffing models including self-service, answered by the library, full-service, answered by Unique’s experienced staff and hybrid options. Our chat support frees up your team to focus on what they do best while we take care of answering patrons’ questions.

Multiple Language Support

Our chat supports over 80 languages, so you can communicate with your patrons, no matter what language your they speak. The chat widget automatically translates from the input language into English, so everyone is able to communicate in their language of choice. 

Want to see how simple it is to get started with UniqueChat?

Contact us today for a free trial offer.

Reduce Calls and Emails

Add Branding

Expand Service Hours

Analyze Reports

Drive Usage

Delight Patrons

Trusted by Top Libraries

UniqueChat live web chat software clients

“Having the chat feature present on our website and catalog has facilitated interactions to a whole new set of users! Unique has provided us an access point that customers increasingly expect to have and the feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive!” Ashley Trew, Public Services Manager, Sacramento Public Library

How Unique Phone helped Natrona County Public Library 

Unchain your staff from their desk

Unique Phone keeps your staff where they belong: helping patrons in the library. Let Unique handle the phone traffic to your library, while your staff can focus on their daily tasks without the distractions of a ringing phone.

On average we can answer about 85% of calls with zero library involvement. Things like transactional inquiries, library card renewals, open hours, reference questions and e-media support can all be handled by our professional call staff.

Benefits of Unique Phone

  • Redeploy staff for in-library tasks
  • Better patron experience on the phone and in the library
  • Extended Phone service hours: 7am-9pm EST
  • Less expensive than operating own call center
  • No in-library telephony hardware

Here's what we did in 2022...

We helped nearly half a million patrons in 2022, including answering over 300,000 calls on behalf of our client libraries. Thats 300,000 patrons that were not interrupted while in their local library.

We also pride ourselves on our 5 star service that we provide to our clients. Our agents routinely get top marks on reviews. Find out more why patrons love using our service!

What our clients are saying

We're Ready to Chat!

Unique offers a wide variety of cost effective tools that can help your library by reducing workloads for managers and frontline staff, which in turn increases in-house efficiency.

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