Jeremy WP Test

Jeremy WP Test

Discover the secret to our agents’ success

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Join us on Wednesday, March 27th at 2:30pm EST.

Your library, our agents

For our patron service agents, outstanding service takes great training coupled with great tools. We pride ourselves on having the best trained library call and chat agents, and now we have the best tools to equip them for a seamless patron interaction.


efficiency through curbside

What is Handbook and how does it work?

When a patron calls or chats a client library, instead of a phone ringing, or a station pinging within the branch, it is received by one of our agents.

From there, our agents answer on behalf of the library. Our proprietary Handbook knowledge base automatically pulls up all relevant information about the library, equipping them to help the patron with any kind of inquiry.

Old versus New: More than just a facelift

Old Interface

New Interface

Updated view and information simply presented

Comprehensive Website and Policy Search Capability

Policy and Location Level Specific Alerts

Clear and Easy to Access Escalation Guidance

Targeted alerts: the right info at the right time

An important part of our business is knowing when library branches are closed. Whether it’s a federal holiday or an emergency water main repair, Unique is always on the front lines of communicating these closures to your patrons. Now with Handbook, we can program in closures far in advance. They’ll automatically show up two weeks before the closure begins, so patrons can be informed.

Handbook search returns answers in seconds

The search function in the old knowledge base left something to be desired. In Handbook, search is polished and functional. With search, the relevant policies and information for the specific library pop up immediately without the need to hunt through menus for what a patron is looking for.

What makes our Patron Services special? Find out.

Our Handbook software is just the tip of the iceberg. Join our webinar and find out what makes Unique Library Communication agents the best in the business!

Join our Webinar on Wednesday, March 27th at 2:30pm EST.

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