Expanding Digital Access with CARES

Expanding Digital Access with CARES

Expanding digital access

With the signing of the recent CARES act that includes library services, Unique has seen a surge in interest about how our tools and services expand digital access and provide technical support services. Here is a quick menu of how Unique serves libraries to help meet their digital access and technical support service needs.  

Expanding Digital Access with Chat Software, Staffing, and Mailings 

Software: Making it simple for the community to connect with your staff is an appreciated part of modern customer service. Unique’s chat software services patrons on your digital branch much like staff do in the physical library. Our chat tools make it simple and convenient for your community to ask questions from any device while giving your team the tools to respond thoroughly and efficiently.  

Staffed: You can expand your digital service while freeing up time for your team to focus on your outreach. The needs of your community are unique, but 80% of your questions are routine. Unique provides staffed chat services to answer your patrons’ common requests, freeing up your team with fewer phone calls and emails to focus on your specific community needs. We answer as an extension of the library to provide excellent patron service in a fully transparent environment. With almost 100 hours of service a week across all seven days, you can expand your service hours without keeping the lights open later.  

Mailings: Do you have underserved parts of the community that are hard to reach? Unique helps libraries with their marketing campaigns through targeted mailings and new-mover services. Get into your community’s mailbox where they will notice you and make a case for how you can help bridge the digital divide with your services. 

Providing Technical Support Services with Unique’s Patron Services 

Whether chat or phone,  Unique has been helping with technical support for library-related resources and other tools for years. We arm our team with all the devices and tools they need to help patrons efficiently with their questions. Examples of these interactions range from navigating Overdrive or other e-reading platforms for the first time to setting up an email account. We specialize in virtual customer service and have a dedicated quality department to ensure we answer calls with the best service level possible.  

If you are exploring how CARES funds can help expand your digital access or providing technical support, please reach out to us at sales@uniquelibrary.com to setup a discussion and see if we can help.