The best templates for Libraries

These libraries are making the most of their MessageBee subscription, how could your library stack up?

Libraries are evolving into dynamic community hubs and space providers. As hubs of the community that offer services and resources, you’ve got to spread your message. It’s important to routinely ask: is your library doing the best job that it possibly can?

One of the best ways that libraries can stay connected with their patrons is through effective email communication. And when it comes to email templates, MessageBee is the platform of choice for many libraries . Check out these six libraries that have maximized email as a form of communication with their patrons.

Pima County Library System: Bridging Language Barriers

Pima County Public Library Full Spanish Template

Feature Highlighted: Full Spanish Template

Pima County Library System has taken its commitment to patron service and inclusivity to the next level. Recognizing the diverse linguistic needs of their community, they’ve implemented a full Spanish template for all of their notifications.

This includes not just the text, but also graphics in Spanish for their Spanish-speaking patrons. The system detects a patron’s language preference flag in their member data, ensuring that every email is personalized and relevant. This approach promotes linguistic inclusivity, ensuring that Spanish-speaking patrons feel seen, valued, and catered to.

Central Arkansas Library System: Brand Consistency at its Best

CALS Brand Consistency at its best

Feature Highlighted: Brand-matching Templates

Central Arkansas Library System knows the importance of brand consistency. Their email templates, complete with upper banners, match their branding flawlessly. Consistent branding fosters a sense of belonging and trust among patrons, making them feel more connected to the library community. MessageBee offers the ability to add your own logos, colors, and links. CALS has clearly maximized that feature.

Worthington Libraries: A Visual Treat

Worthington libraries image and text

Feature Highlighted: Image and Text Format for Scheduled Images

Worthington Library has mastered the art of visual storytelling. Their use of image and text format for scheduled images ensures that every email is not just informative but also visually appealing.  

Anne Arundel Public Library: Creativity at the Forefront

Anne Arundel Header

Feature Highlighted: Creative Header Content

Anne Arundel Public Library knows how to grab attention. Their creative header promo content ensures that their emails stand out, making patrons more likely to click on them. Creative content can be a platform to highlight diverse voices, authors, and events, promoting cultural inclusivity. What kind of things would your library do with tools like this?

Pikes Peak Library District: Beyond Transactions

Pikes Peak Newsletter

Feature Highlighted: Newsletter Templates for Monthly and Ad-hoc Patron Communication

Pikes Peak Library District understands that communication is not just about transactions. Their fantastic newsletter templates are perfect for sharing stories, updates, and more, fostering a deeper connection with their patrons. PPLD gets that emails are just the beginning of the conversation with their patrons.

Houston Public Library: A Warm Welcome

Houston Welcome Campaign

Feature Highlighted: Welcome Campaign for New Patrons

First impressions matter, and Houston Public Library nails it. Their welcome campaign ensures that every new patron feels valued and informed from the get-go. A personalized welcome journey can highlight resources for diverse communities, ensuring that every patron, irrespective of their background, feels at home. A lot of patrons may simply not know everything available to them, and this kind of email program gives new patrons a similar introduction to their library.

Do All This and More with MessageBee

The innovative features offered by MessageBee have empowered these libraries to elevate their email communication strategies. From linguistic personalization and brand consistency to visually captivating templates and engaging welcome journeys, these libraries are setting a gold standard in digital outreach. How could your library take advantage of the tools and uses that MessageBee has to offer?

As they harness the full potential of MessageBee, they’re not only enhancing patron experience but also solidifying their place in the digital age. It’s clear that with the right tools, libraries can continue to thrive and adapt in our ever-evolving digital world.

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